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WaitTime’s innovative artificial intelligence delivers real-time data to you and your fans to help you make smart decisions. What are you waiting for?

Real-time information at your finger tips.

WaitTime, the industry leader in Crowd Intelligence, provides real-time data on fan traffic to entertainment venues. Our artificial intelligence gives operations personnel live information on crowd movement and density, while providing fans information they need to find the shortest wait times.

WaitTime also provides advertisers a captivating and innovative platform to reach fans in their seats and on the concourse through campaigns customized to the venue and audience.

With WaitTime, you can quantify fan behavior, increase efficiencies and create better fan experiences at your venue.

What we do...

The real-time information you and your fans need to make smart decisions.

Our artificial intelligence allows you to create efficiencies that lead to improved fan experiences and increased sales.

Industry leaders in Crowd Intelligence

We are a team of global technology and business leaders committed to using crowd intelligence to revolutionize the fan experience.

How we do it...

Simple installation that integrates with your infrastructure.

Sensors are mounted above concessions, merchandise, and restroom waiting areas. Our technology interprets crowd conditions in real-time, so you always know wait times and crowd densities.

WaitTime's technology will be introduced within Miami's American Airlines Arena and should immediately cut down consumers' time spent waiting to use the restroom and purchase concessions.
No one had successfully solved for ingress, egress and queuing at large multi-purpose venues until we saw what WaitTime had built. WaitTime has developed a unique, engaging and business outcome based approach to this challenging problem. This is a shining example of IoT in sports enhancing the patron experience.  Willie Kopp, Managing Architect
Now we'll know how long someone waits in line per stand, and how much attrition there is per stand. We'll have a finer grain of detail to optimize the fan experience.
It’s that simple. If you can understand a stoplight, you can understand WaitTime.   Ed Frederici, CTO
'This system will not only help to inform MCG patrons about the expected wait time, but also show and direct them to other nearby outlets that they may not have previously considered, and which may result in a quicker service experience,' [MCC chief executive Stuart Fox] said.
I have to say, its something I wish I had thought of first. Is this maybe the best tech out there for a sporting event?
WaitTime provides detailed analytics that stadium operators can use to create efficiencies and provide fans better experiences.
WaitTime’s technology has changed how our fans make concession decisions in our venue and helped us manage the vertical with much more consumer knowledge.            Scott Miner, Director of Business Solutions
The 'Melbourne Cricket Ground' will partner with WaitTime and launch the first intelligence system in the southern hemisphere that checks queues and crowds, and tells you when's quickest to grab something to eat or drink.
The Indiana Pacers want fans at their home games to spend more time cheering and less time waiting in line for tacos.
A Detroit software company that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide real time data on fan traffic at entertainment venues, is expanding its lineup globally.
WaitTime's technology is really intuitive, and once the monitors were up, fans were interacting with it and understanding it.   Charlie Metzger, CMO
Technology on the My One Buffalo app allows fans at the [KeyBank Center] to plan a trip to the toilet or get a beer without missing too much of the Sabres’ game.
... a report this year from Oracle Corp. suggested that fan spending in games would go up 42 percent if wait times were halved. And on the facilities side, if the arena and its staff know where they need the most help, it could improve the overall customer service aspect of Pacers games too.
In a ground-breaking initiative to ease the burden for fans, the Melbourne Cricket Club has partnered with international technology company WaitTime to trial an innovative crowd intelligence system at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
...this is probably the tip of the iceberg for next level partnerships between these growing tech companies and sports properties.
This system will not only help to inform MCG patrons about the expected wait time, but also show and direct them to other nearby outlets that they may not have previously considered.   Stuart Fox, CEO
...WaitTime has answered our prayers and appears to be something that venues should have implemented in venues a long time ago.
There are these screens throughout the [Miami Heat] concourse level where they tell you the concession stands...and it shows you the wait time! I don't understand how they do it! How do they keep updating it?
Pacers Sports and Entertainment found a way to make sure fans spend more time watching the game and not waiting in lines for food or the bathroom at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. All you need is a smart phone.
With a touch of a button WaitTime can close or open outlets. WaitTime has been a great planning and management tool, especially if I am not onsite, I can check on the status of the event. Without a doubt, it’s absolutely had a very positive impact on evening out the crowd.   David Jensen, Operations

Michael Jordan's son backs Detroit company shortening arena lines.

...reducing some of the "hassle" at the arena/stadium, this type of partnership could go a long way toward putting butts in seats.
The idea is that people who know where lines are shorter will enjoy a game or concert much more if they don't spend much of it waiting in lineups.
An incredibly forward-thinking venue, dedicated to creating amazing experiences for patrons, MCG is the perfect partner for WaitTime as we debut our technology in the southern hemisphere.
WaitTime is going to change the way you sit in arenas!
...the Melbourne Cricket Ground can hold a lot of people for a cricket match, Australian football game or concert. That many people almost always means long lines for food and restrooms- but perhaps not for long.
'It's something we're trying to do for the fans to make it a better fan experience,' said Michael Gilbert, Senior Vice President of the Buffalo Sabres.
WaitTime's unique system of artificial intelligence and sensors will help us to improve our food and beverage service at the MCG.

What are you waiting for?

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