The real-time information you and your fans need to make smart decisions.

WaitTime, the industry leader in Crowd Intelligence, provides real-time data on fan traffic to entertainment venues. Our artificial intelligence gives operations personnel live information on crowd movement and density, while providing fans information they need to find the shortest wait times.

How does it work?

Sensors are mounted above concessions, merchandise, and restroom waiting areas. Our technology interprets crowd conditions in real-time, so you always know wait times and crowd densities.


What does it look like?

Wait times are represented by spectrum bars that change from green to yellow to red relative to line lengths. These spectrums are shared with guests on concourse monitors and the venue or team mobile app.

Fan Experience

Concourse Monitors

WaitTime is displayed on concourse monitors at key decision-making points, allowing guests to know exactly where to go.

Mobile App

Guests can also view WaitTime from their seats using your venue or team app.

Targeted Sponsorship

Interchangeable graphics can be customized per event to allow for the ultimate, personalized guest experience.

Venue Operations

Operator's Dashboard

WaitTime’s real-time data keeps you updated on fan traffic and in-game issues like reduced speed of service, closed points of sale, and concourse pain points.

What are you waiting for?

Deliver premium guest experiences and solve problems in real-time.