Menus Make a Difference

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Menu items can affect line behavior. Quick, pre-prepared items have shorter Wait Times and higher Total Served counts compared to menu items that require preparation. Understanding how menu items effect line behavior can provide key insights on designing menus, locating concessions, and increasing revenue.

Total Served and Wait Times

The following data was collected during an in-game observation.

Higher Total Served averages imply longer Wait Times because more people equals more time. However, Pizza had the highest Total Served average, but the lowest Wait Time average.

Menu Item Comparison


At Hot Dogs and Snacks, there are more menu items and food preparation is more complicated than at Pizza, which serves pre-prepared servings.


It is difficult for Operations personnel to quantify how menu items can effect fan behavior, making it difficult to justify menu changes or make quantitative decisions. Using WaitTime Data, Operations and Food and Beverage can understand how menu items intimately affect venue behavior, allowing them to make constructive, informed decisions.