Stanchions and Traffic Flow

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Stanchions are a great crowd management tool, but it is important to consider many variables when planning their location.  Fans should easily understand how to enter stanchions from a distance while circulating with the natural traffic flow of the venue.

Total Attrition

The following data was collected during an in-game observation.

Total Attrition for Burgers was significantly above average.

Interfering with Traffic Flow

The entrance to the stanchions interfered with the growing flow of corridor traffic during half time. Guests nearest to the stanchions were being corralled. As they backed out, the software recognized them as attrition.


The proposed solution was to reverse the entrance location so it would not interfere with corridor traffic.


Total Attrition was reduced by 40%. Traffic flow was less congested, allowing guests to move quickly through one of the most congested areas of the venue.

Consider the following when locating stanchions:

• Direction of traffic

• Traffic flow

• Simple layout

• Consistency throughout the Venue