Value Based Attrition

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Not all lines have equal value. Relating WaitTime data to point of sale information can help identify areas for potential growth or inform strategy.

Average Purchase

During an in-game walk through, Operations identified that the average purchase of a guest at the Cotton Candy concession was around $4.50. Comparatively the average purchase of a guest at Burgers is $12.50.

Without point of sale integration, the value of Attrition is identified via people, even though their purchases are not of equal value. As seen in the example below, even though there was more Attrition at Cotton Candy, the value of that Attrition is greater at Burgers when the average purchase of a guest at each location is considered.



By integrating point of sale information, the loss of revenue due to Attrition becomes more accurate.


Integrating point of sale data with WaitTime data can provide insight on areas of greatest potential revenue gain, allowing venue operations to make more strategic and intentional decisions. In the examples, an individual leaving the Burgers line is a much greater loss than someone leaving the Cotton Candy line.